On this page you will find links to various online resources to help you practice your Spanish.

Colby College Spanish: This site is one of the most popular and well-crafted sites for Spanish grammar review. It covers the entirety of Spanish grammar from the most basic concepts to the more advanced. It also includes web-based activities including songs, readings, and videos.

Spanish Learning Lab: This site contains grammar explanations, voice recordings, and sample exercises that cover some of the basics of Spanish. It is helpful for review, listening practice, vocabulary study, and additional grammar exercises.

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido a Spanish Learning Lab!

Duolingo: A free website and downloadable app that practices all four areas of language-learning: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, and writing. It is designed like a game in which you can compete against your friends for gold coins.

¡Conjuguemos!: This site provides conjugation practice for all the different tenses of Spanish grammar. Great for reviewing before quizzes and tests and to help distinguish between different tenses.

Audio Lingua: This is an excellent resource for listening comprehension practice. The site offers short recordings by native speakers from around the Spanish speaking world. Browse the different topics or do a quick search on the right-hand side for the topic you would like to practice (such as “La familia”) and test your comprehension skills. Listen to the recordings several times through.

Spanish Listening: This is probably one of the best sites to practice learning comprehension. It features video lessons from native speakers around the world, Each lesson it tailored for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced listener. A transcript of the video can be found on each page as well as a number of accompanying exercises.

Dialectos – The Sounds of Spanish: This page offers a number of recordings from native speakers covering different topics related to culture and their personal experiences. The unique feature of this site is that is analyzes the distinct accents and characteristics of speech common to certain regions. It is a great resource for those interested in linguistics or who would like to listen to more challenging recordings. Each recording is accompanied by a transcript.

Easy Spanish: This YouTube channel features interviews with native speakers from around the Spanish-speaking world regarding topics such as professions, plans for the day, technology, etc. It provides a transcript of the interview in both Spanish and English, and is a useful tool for listening comprehension and exposure to different accents.

Wordreference: If you’re going to use an online dictionary, this is the one I recommend!! Please do not use Google Translator. It is garbage. Wordreference provides definitions based on context, and includes features such as slang and colloquialisms. Additionally, this site provides forums for each word. Therefore if you are confused as to whether or not you’re using the word in the correct context, you can look at the forum threads and get advice from native speakers.

Diccionario de la Real Academia: This online dictionary is provided by the Royal Academy of Spain and is considered to be one of the most accurate and thorough dictionaries available. This dictionary does not translate from Spanish to English, but provides definitions of Spanish words in Spanish. It is a good way to increase your vocabulary and and stay in the target-language. It is also a great resource for any investigation regarding the history of the Spanish language.

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